The Watson

I tackled Cloth Habit's The Watson for my first lingerie set based on a friend's recommendation, and I am so pleased with the results.  I love beautiful lingerie and have been pinning lingerie on Pinterest for awhile now. I always thought lingerie would be difficult to sew due to the stretchy fabrics, specialty elastics and notions, but I don't think it was any worse than my other sewing projects. 

The pattern itself is great. I was surprised at how well the finished set fit me. The trickiest part was cutting out all the pattern pieces from the delicate fabric. The pattern instructions however were not as clear as they could be, including the materials - I didn't feel like they matched the instructions exactly. However, there is a sew-a-long at Cloth Habit which provides more information and special tutorials, like how to sew lingerie elastic. I would recommend using both the instruction set and the sew-a-long.  

I bought all my materials at a local favorite here in Vancouver, Dressew. They're known to have a good and varied selection at low prices. But it's also a bit of a hit or miss - they had a huge selection of straps, but not of lingerie elastic. You'll see in the photo above I was going to use gray straps, but they only had nude lingerie elastics, so I went with nude to go with the green lace. I have yet to check out the other local fabric stores for lingerie making, but hoping that I'll have better luck there.

I did buy a sea green stretch lace for a separate set that I wanted to use lavender straps with, but we'll see if I find any lavender lingerie elastic. I have a feeling dying my own fabrics will be a thing soon. 

Anyway, The Watson is definitely a good intro to lingerie making. Looking forward to more sets. :)

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